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Cube is a leading software development company based in Ramallah that provides several sectors with customized in-house built solutions. Current sectors and solutions include health care management systems, salesmen catalogue, multi-platform point of sales systems for restaurants and supermarkets.

Our passionate team has been working in programming and information systems for the past 15 years and has extensive technical expertise in customizing solutions that create impact and value and empower customers to make better informed decisions


Years of Experience



Quality Comes First


Our Capabilities

We usually provide our clients with the detailed sprint plan which proves we understand our customer’s project requirements quite well and you can feel absolutely confident that we deliver nothing else than what you look for and expect to get.


We are Best at

We care about the budget and timeline – if any issues, discuss them with us. There are no dead-locks, we can suggest a way to minimize the costs and reduce timeline, yet keeping high quality.


How We Accomplish

An additional benefit is that we build easily upgradable applications that can be quickly and cheaply adapted to your changing business needs.

(+970) 2-242-1322
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2th floor, Al Husseini Building ,Infront of Al Watanya Mobile
Al Bireh , Palestine